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HGTV's Sensible Chic, featured inspiration room for "Modern Living Room", February 18 & 19, 2005.

..."I would never have the creativity to put something together like this. I'm pretty excited. It's perfect. I like it. It's exactly what I had in mind. It's nice and cool, simple…"
– Jasha Fay, homeowner of make-over room, Sensible Chic

"Shimmering fabrics, metallic accents, and ethereal artwork help make that bold statement..."
– Brooke Channon, host of Sensible Chic

"…shiny, beautiful, I think it works for a hip couple like Jasha and his girlfriend."
– Pete Jordan, show craftsman

"…very unusual, very ethereal."
– Jen Jordan, show stylist

HGTV's Sensible Chic, featured inspiration room for "Tranquil Bedroom", October 31 & November 1, 2003:

"…a striking designer style… more than just a bedroom: it's almost like a work of art…"
"…a tranquil and absolutely unique bedroom, filled with luxurious fabrics and unique works of art…"
"…extraordinary style…"
"…the angels were a true vision of artistic style…"

spacer– Brooke Channon, host, Sensible Chic

"I'm really impressed with [Elizabeth's] "inspiration room" – it's something new…"
spacer– Kim Tran, homeowner of "makeover room", Sensible Chic

"[Elizabeth's room] is so fresh, and it takes risks, and that's what a designer should do – I always say a designer should set the trends and not follow them and that's what's happening here. It's great!"
spacer Stuart Piontek, interior designer, guest designer/judge, Sensible Chic



Asian-Influenced Architecture and Design, ©2010, by E. Ashley Rooney. Photo and description, p. 156.

Small Room Decorating Country Alamanac, “Small Room Decorating,” winter 2010. Cover and article, p. 143.

San Francisco Magazine, November, 2004, p. 58, photo and write-up, for a woman's sitting room:

"The woman's sitting room is an elegant, peaceful retreat. Elizabeth Brownrigg used a soft pastel palette and metallics, including a custom silk sofa… and an aluminum-leaf table. …The shogi-style window treatments and raw silk sheers allow full or filtered light…"
spacer– Kristine Carber, "Showcasing Design"

San Francisco Magazine, November, 2003, p. 112, photo and write-up, for a teenage girl's bedroom:

"Elizabeth Brownrigg designed this sleek, funky bedroom to express a teenage girl's unbridled independence. Brownrigg, an artist and former set designer, painted the whimsical mask that hangs above the large platform bed which is dressed with a brilliantly-colored custom bedspread. The leather shag rug adds texture and a sense of fun. The innovative custom-made window treatment, painted wooden panels covered with sheer fabric that slide over a woven metal curtain, allows for either full light, filtered light, or complete privacy."
spacer– Kimberly Olson, "Extreme Design Makeover"

California Home and Design, March, 2003, p. 72, photo, for a guest bedroom.



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Commuter Times, September 23, 2004, "A Dominican Rose", front page photo and write-up for her woman's sitting room.

San Francisco Chronicle, September 17, 2003, "Home & Garden", write-up, one of three out of twenty showcase designers for a teenage girl's bedroom.

Marin Independent Journal, September 13 & 20, 2003 "Home & Garden", photo and write-up for a teenage girl's bedroom.

Contra Costa Times, September 27, 2003 "Showcase", photo and write-up for a teenage girl's bedroom.

Mill Valley Herald, October 1-7, 2002, write-up for a guest bedroom.

Contra Costa Times, September 24, 2002, write-up for a guest bedroom.



"We trusted Elizabeth's ideas completely for our bathroom remodel, and we especially appreciated her level of organization throughout the project."
spacer– Homeowner, Marin Designers Showcase 2003

"Elizabeth is the type of designer who sees the completion of a job before beginning it. I would definitely refer her- she made my job a lot easier because of her attention to detail."
spacer– Marty Beaudry, Project Manager, Landmark Builders, Inc.

"I love waking up in the morning and seeing all of my wonderful collections- what Elizabeth did with our master bedroom, and especially with the built-in shelving unit, is truly a work of art and architecture."
spacer– Elayne Blair, homeowner, Tiburon

"Elizabeth was somehow able to get into my head and create the dining room I knew I wanted but couldn't explain."
spacer– Jane Newman, homeowner, San Rafael

"Elizabeth knows how to choose the right color that gives a certain feeling I want in my house."
spacer– Michael Sorantino, homeowner, San Francisco

"I get so many compliments! Usually people are just speechless!"
spacer– Jody Alexiou, homeowner, Santa Rosa

"People always ask me about the paintings in the house, so of course, I'm happy to refer Elizabeth."
spacer– Carter Bradshaw, homeowner, San Rafael

"What Elizabeth did with our fireplace entirely transformed our whole family room."
spacer– Bill Worthington, homeowner, Sausalito

"Elizabeth is a professional who really knows her colors. She is talented and has a great business sense, too."
spacer– Karin Hoehne Diana, Ca' Bianca Restaurant, Santa Rosa

"Elizabeth had such great ideas for redoing my bedroom and closet- I can't believe I lived so long with the way it was before!"
spacer– Michael Sorantino, homeowner, San Francisco

"Thanks to Elizabeth, my office is both comfortable and dynamic!"
spacer– Pat Worthington, Halloweenskins, Sausalito

"Our powder room is just fabulous! just fabulous!"
spacer– Debbie Dean, homewoner, Larkspur

"Elizabeth has changed a house into a home!"
spacer– Ralph Blair, homeowner, Tiburon


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